What Clients Say

  "No problem with increase, you've been invaluable" Devin owner Small Businss 06-2019

"Sandy has been doing my bookkeeping for almost 20 years. She is highly experienced, dependable and knowledgeable to be of great service to any business. Sandy has effectively coordinated my finances with a team of other professionals over the years. She has saved me many dollars in her business wisdom and organizational abilities. I only have the highest praises for Sandy and would strongly recommend her services." 

Brian- Owner of a small service business, Littleton, CO-2012


"Sandy is a pleasure to work with and effectively address my bookkeeping needs.As a referral from Relay Local business owners, I met with Sandy and valued her knowledge of my business needs. She offered insight and guidance in a variety of areas that exceeded my expectations of bookkeeping. Take the time to meet with Sandy to impact your business planning for the coming year!"

Dan-Small Business Owner-January 2015

"I have been a business client of Sandy's for a couple of years now. She does very professional and precise work. And she is quite knowledgeable in all aspects of bookkeeping....Yesterday she caught a mistake I made on something. With all I have to do, it's nice to have someone with the experience and smarts to look at bookkeeping figure, see that it doesn't look quite right and investigate it further....If you own a business and are looking for a bookkeeping service, your search is over with Sandy. You will be pleased."

Steve-Small Business Owner- January 2015

"I rarely see such neat financials--no weird accounts, no negatives, and items match! Good Job!"

Rhonda-Tax Earned Agent- February 2015

​"Sandy Graham's work is the best I've seen by the way. I love her referrals because I always know the books are impeccable and she's incredibly responsive"

Marcia-Tax Accountant-March 2015

"With Sandy's strong attention to details and doing things right, I won two state audits and one IRS audit. She is able to communicate with my tax accountant, saving my valuable time and money. Not only does she do my bookkeeping but I am able to consult with her and understand where my business is and what it takes to get it to the next level. I would highly recommend her services." 

Diane- Retail/Service business 2012